3:30–4:30 p.m.

Career Development Sessions: Skill-Building Workshops

Choose from three different practical workshops that will focus on the soft skills needed to advance your career. Interact with speakers who are executive coaches and leading practitioners to gain their advice about crafting your resume, networking, negotiating promotions and salaries, and building your unique path to reach your personal career goals. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss topics and ask questions of the experts in an informal, small-group setting.

Achieving “Next-Level” Success by Leveraging Relationships
Fran Skinner, CFA
Chief Administrative Officer, Investments
Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc.

In this interactive session, Fran Skinner will briefly share her unusual journey towards achieving her CFA designation, which changed her career trajectory in positive but unexpected ways. Through an interactive exercise, participants will learn practical ways to achieve “next-level” success and to help others achieve success by leveraging existing relationships. This session will explore:

  • How to be open to new possibilities regardless of prior career and education decisions
  • How to be that person in others’ lives that drives the creation of “leaders at every level”
  • Which simple questions immediately reveal specifics about where your “next-level” success may be

Reverse-Engineering Your Long-Term Career Goals
Jared Redick
Executive Résumé Writer and Career Transition Coach
The Résumé Studio

What if there were strategies you could use today to cultivate what your career might look like in two, five, or ten years? In this session, Jared Redick shares how he helps clients from grad school to the C-suite make thoughtful investments today that can amplify career earnings, opportunities, and satisfaction tomorrow. The session includes practical career development handouts. Highlights:

  • Planning ahead for new jobs, promotions, and board appointments
  • Writing a game-changing résumé, LinkedIn profile, and executive bio
  • Cautiously tell your career story to your public and private audiences
  • Message your value without hyperbole or understatement

Building Your Path to the C-Suite and Board Room
Patrice E. Merrin
Independent Director​
Glencore PLC and Kew Media Group

  • It is widely known that companies that promote diversity in their C-Suite and on their boards have a distinct competitive advantage and can substantially outperform companies that do not
  • In this interactive workshop, join a pioneer who has extensive C-Suite experience and as a Board Director for a number of public and private companies
  • Hear about her unique business career and  her advice and guidance about the steps you can take now to enhance your prospects for promotion, recruitment, and career success
  • Learn to identify your unique skills that set you apart, how to match your skills with those needed on boards or at the executive level, and how to successfully negotiate your place at the table