Cady Coleman

Cady Coleman is a former NASA astronaut and Air Force colonel. She is a veteran of two Space Shuttle missions and a six-month expedition on the International Space Station (ISS). A chemist with a doctorate in polymer science and engineering, Dr. Coleman is a pioneer in research on materials science, biotechnology, combustion science, and fluid physics. A consultant for space-related work, she is an advocate for STEM and STEAM-related ambitions. Dr. Coleman delivered the introductory talk for TED2011 and the commencement address for UMass Amherst from space. She acted as the lead robotics and lead science officer aboard the ISS, performing the second-ever robotic capture of a supply ship from the station. At NASA, Dr. Coleman served in various roles, including chief of robotics, lead for tile repair efforts after the Columbia accident, and lead astronaut for integration of supply ships from NASA’s commercial partners. She led open-innovation and public–private partnership efforts for the Office of the Chief Technologist at NASA. Dr. Coleman is a research affiliate at the MIT Media Lab and Global Explorer in Residence at Arizona State University. She earned a BS in chemistry from MIT and a PhD from the University of Massachusetts.