Julie Castro Abrams

Julie Castro Abrams is chair and CEO of How Women Lead, a network of over 10,000 women dedicated to promoting diverse women’s voices and propelling women’s leadership forward. She is co-founder and managing partner of BoardLeaders, where she places leaders on corporate boards and supports them in building inclusive, high-performance boards. Ms. Abrams is an expert on board governance and recruitment of diverse candidates. She is the managing partner for the 2020 Women on Boards Bay Area effort and an adviser to dozens of executives across many sectors. Ms. Abrams is on the advisory boards of the New Search Collaborative and the fintech startup LENDonate and serves as governance chair for the Women’s Funding Network. She has led the boards of multiple nonprofit organizations, including the National Council of La Raza and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity. Ms. Abrams received the More Jobs Genius Award, the Morgan Stanley Innovation Award, Cisco’s Innovation in Technology Award, the League of Women Voters’ Women Who Could Be President Award, the Stevie Award for Best Non-Profit Executive, and the Commission on the Status of Women’s Human Rights Award. She has been featured in four books and Fast Company’s video series “30 Second MBA.”