Women in Investment Management 2019: Opening Doors

Women in Investment Management: Opening Doors

18–19 September 2019
Hotel Omni Mont-Royal
Montréal, QC, Canada

Hosted with CFA Montréal
Sponsored by the CFA Institute Women in Investment Management Initiative

Investment firms are opening doors and providing opportunities to foster a diverse workforce, create better outcomes for investors, and provide greater opportunities in finance to women around the world.

The 2019 Women in Investment Management conference will focus on pathways to achieve success—for individual careers, for investment teams, and for those in leadership positions. Attendees will come away with practical strategies for reaching their goals at all stages of their investment careers.

This conference will provide a forum for women and those from diverse backgrounds to network, exchange ideas, and develop connections to help them succeed as investment professionals. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from and build relationships with role models, industry executives, and peers.

Conference speakers will:

  • Share how to attract, retain, and engage women in the investment management industry
  • Present research and insights on gender bias and diversity issues, and how to counter bias and address obstacles
  • Discuss what industry participants are doing in partnership to promote diversity in global finance
  • Inspire with personal experiences about leadership and overcoming career challenges
  • Provide practical takeaways and next steps for implementing change at their firms
  • Deliver skill-building and career development tips and strategies
  • Highlight investment advice for those working in the industry

The conference will allow attendees to meet passionate women in the investment industry, increase their skills and knowledge, and apply constructive career tools to help open doors and mark a pathway to success.

Women in Investment Management 2020

CFA Institute has decided to cancel the in-person Women in Investment Management 2020 conference that was scheduled to be held in San Diego. Health and safety is our top priority, and with concerns related to COVID-19 we felt this decision had to be made.

We are exploring options for how to hold this conference safely, while still providing relevant and practical professional education to the investment management community.

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