Speakers will be announced as they are confirmed.

Julie Castro Abrams

Julie Castro Abrams is chair and CEO of How Women Lead, a network of over 10,000 women dedicated … Read More

Anu Aiyengar

Anu Aiyengar is a managing director and head of the North American Mergers & Acquisitions Group at J.P. … Read More

Heather Brilliant, CFA

Heather Brilliant, CFA, is chair of the CFA Institute Board of Governors and past chair of CFA Society … Read More

Cady Coleman

Cady Coleman is a former NASA astronaut and Air Force colonel. She is a veteran of two Space … Read More

Rebecca Fender, CFA

Rebecca Fender, CFA, is head of the Future of Finance initiative at CFA Institute, a long-term global effort … Read More

Madeline E. Heilman

Madeline E. Heilman is professor of psychology at New York University, where she serves as the director of … Read More

Victoria McLean

Victoria McLean is the founder and CEO of City CV, an international career consultancy firm specialising in banking … Read More

Diane C. Nordin, CFA

Diane C. Nordin, CFA, is a director at Fannie Mae and Antares Capital. Previously, she was a partner at … Read More

Kelli E. Palmer

Kelli E. Palmer is head of global diversity and inclusion at CFA Institute. Previously, she was the CFA … Read More

Bonnie St. John

Bonnie St. John is a best-selling author, Fortune 500 leadership consultant, and Paralympic athlete. Despite having her right … Read More